Netflix Renews Kenya Barris’ ‘#blackAF’ For Season 2

#BLACKAF cc Netflix

Kenya Barris’ #blackAF is returning for a second season at Netflix.

The Black-ish creator will once again play an exaggerated version of himself, with Rashida Jones as his wife Joya, in the comedy.

Barris is a busy fella; the renewal comes days after Deadline revealed that he was teaming up with Happy singer Pharrell Williams to develop a Juneteenth musical feature for the streaming service.

He told Deadline, “I won’t really, really, really get into it until we’re in the room because I want it to be fresh, but I definitely know I want to talk about real shit. We want it to be really special.”

Inspired by Barris’ irreverent, highly flawed, unbelievably honest approach to parenting, relationships, race, and culture, #blackAF flips the traditional sitcom family on its head. Pulling back the curtain, the series uncovers and explores the messy, unapologetic and often hilarious world of what it means to be a ‘new money’ Black family trying to get it right in a modern world where ‘right’ is no longer a fixed concept.

Genneya Walton plays Chloe Barris, the effortlessly popular, under appreciative college student with an astounding level of entitlement. Iman Benson plays Drea Barris, the moral center and narrator of the show. Scarlet Spencer is Izzy Barris, who’s difficult for difficulty’s sake, a pain-in-the-ass contrarian whose lack of caring only makes people want to mess with her more. Justin Claiborne plays Pops Barris, as lovable as he is gullible. Ravi Cabot-Conyers is Cam Barris, a miscreant trouble maker and a pathological liar with the best laugh you’ve ever heard and a grin that lets him get away with anything. Richard Gardenhire Jr. recurs as Brooklyn Barris, who’s jarringly smart and well-spoken for a toddler.

Barris, Jones and Hale Rothstein exec produce the single-camera comedy through Barris’ production company, Khalabo Ink Society.