EXCLUSIVE: It looks like Sonny’s family is about to grow some more on General Hospital (GH).

He just took in TJ, proposed to Carly, and got baby Avery back and now word has it that oldest daughter, Kristina, will be making her Port Charles return. According to Soap Opera Digest, there’s buzz that Ainsworth has been back on the GH set taping scenes.

When Kristina was first aged in 2009, Ainsworth played the role until 2011, but was then replaced by Lindsey Morgan who brought Kristina to life until 2013. Since then, the character has been off at college and rarely spoken of or heard from. Ainsworth told Digest that her time on GH was an exciting period in her life. “It really was a family for me and I can see why people have been on the show for many years.”

The actress is set to start airing in either August or September and is sure to shake up several lives, especially dad Sonny, mom Alexis, and sister Molly. The character always had spunk and even created her own reality series, appropriately titled “Mob Princess.” However, tragedy prompted her to leave Port Charles after true love Trey was killed in a car accident. Kristina has been studying at Wesleyan University and the mob princess’ return can only mean drama for her family, as mob wars continue in Port Charles.